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Customized Massage Journeys


Four Directions Aromatherapy $10 (choose from: Cedar, Lavender, Sweetgrass or Sage)

Cupping Therapy (Therapeutic Mx Only) $15

Warm Bamboo $15

Sound Massage $15

Zenz Stones $15

Mihtkwus & Asun (Sticks & Stones) $15

Relaxation Massage

This classic massage incorporates long, fluid strokes using light pressure to enhance the body’s natural functioning and reset the nervous system. Improves muscle tone, circulation and joint flexibility.

30 Minutes $65  |  60 Minutes $85  |  90 Minutes $115  |   2 Hours $200

Therapeutic Massage

A customized, therapeutic form of massage that releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and moderate to deep pressure. Increases flexibility, relieves sore, tight muscles and speeds muscle recovery.

30 Minutes $75  |  60 Minutes $100  |  90 Minutes $130  |   2 Hours $210

Maternity Massage

Specially designed for mothers-to-be, this massage promotes relaxation, increases circulation and provides comfort during this wondrous time of change. Relieves tension and alleviates swelling in the hands and feet while uplifting the spirit. Comfort and safety is assured with custom supportive pillows. Massage is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

30 Minutes $65  |   60 Minutes $85  |   90 Minutes $115  |  Upgrade To Therapeutic For $15

Saguaro Stone Massage

An ancient Native American art incorporating heated basalt stones to massage the body. Muscle tension is dissolved as healing warmth penetrates the body for an incredibly relaxing experience.

90 Minutes $130  |  Upgrade To Therapeutic For $20

Massage Together

Enjoy the relaxing experience of massage with a friend or loved one in a room designed especially for two. Each person may choose their own style of massage.

*Please request this type of massage when booking your appointment.